Copper Basin Golf

course layout

Hole #1 - Par 5 - Men's Yardage 446 yds. Ladies 363 yds.

Nice opening hole. Fairway slopes gently down from the tee and bends left. Favors a draw but not too much or you're in rough or worse. Any tee shot fading right could be in the low depression some 240-60 yds down the fairway. Reachable in two but the small elevated green is guarded across the front by a sand trap. Shots over the green will roll down a long steep bank making recovery extremely difficult. Good birdie opportunity for those who play safe.


Hole #2 - Par 3 - Men's Yardage 184 yds. Ladies 145 yds.

This par 3 is deceptively simple. Small, sloping towards tee and slightly elevated Green invites a long straight shot. Shots landing on the green will usually stay there. Any shots short, right or left will require a skillful chip shot to get within one-putt range to save par. Miss it to the right if you're going to miss it.


Hole #3 - Par 4 - Men's Yardage 370 yds. Ladies 299 yds.

One of the most difficult holes on the course, rated #1 hdcp. Requires well placed tee shot down left side to setup approach to highly elevated, sloping green. Fairway guarded down left side with tall pines. Right side is open until within 150 yds. then tall pines block approach to the green. Stay down the middle. A high, accurate approach will hold; any shots short left will drain off towards the trees. Shots over the green will require delicate chip back to sloping away green.


Hole #4 - Par 4 - Men's Yardage 256 yds. Ladies 207 yds.

A favorite hole among players, this green is easy to reach from the tee and yields many birdies and eagles for the well hit tee shot. But, the margin for error is small. The green is guarded on the left front by a large sand trap. Down the right side is out-of-bounds so any fade will not make your day. On the left is a line of short, wide pines to catch the low draw or pulls. Anything hit over the green will test the player's nerves with a tricky, over-the-ridge to a downhill breaking chip shot. The temptation to go-for-it is great with due reward, but you have been warned!


Hole #5 - Par 4 - Men's Yardage 280 yds. Ladies 223 yds.

Coming back from the far reaches of the course, this hole can spell birdie-land or disaster territory. From the tee, a ridge across the fairway blocks the golfer's view of the long and narrow level green. Like hole #4, the entire right side is out-of-bounds. Even with the dense tree line, very few shots bounce in the golfer's favor. No one can explain why. A straight long iron will set the golfer up nicely to drop a wedge within birdie range. The green sports a deep bunker on the left front and a steep bank behind- neither is the place you want to be.


Hole #6 - Par 5 - Men's Yardage 492 yds. Ladies 426 yds.

This par 5 requires threading a tee shot right down the middle with a hint of draw to bend around the 120-year old oak tree that stands majestically on the top of the ridge and dominates the left side fairway at the 230 yd. line. If you clear and get passed the oak enough, you have a chance, ever so slight, of hitting the green in two. It will be a blind second shot unless you hit a 340 yd. drive. Beyond the small, elevated, sloping green is out-of-bounds. The fairway opens up within 175 yds. of the green and slopes down to the left. Approach shots that miss the green will require a most delicate chip shot to get within striking range.


Hole #7 - Par 3 - Men's Yardage 132 yds. Ladies 97 yds.

While yielding up the ever elusive hole-in-one from time to time, lucky #7 also claims many victims. As a general rule, don't miss the green if you want to make par. Any stray tee-shot gets punished; there are no lucky bounces here. The two-tiered, sloping green demands a deft putting touch. Miss the green short, hope for chip-in. Miss it any other direction, hope for a miracle. You're going to need one.


Hole #8 - Par 4 - Men's Yardage 333 yds. Ladies 283 yds.

Not a hard hole, but not an easy hole, either. Does require a long, accurate tee shot to setup a wedge or 9-iron into a small, sloping, elevated green. From the tee, the left side is out-of-bounds and heavily wooded for most of the way. The right-center of the fairway has a large oak tree that time has forgotten and will lend shade to the wary (or is that weary?) golfer. It will also block his approach shot very nicely should his ball stray into its domain. If you're going right, go enough to get clear of the tree and you can reach the green, maybe.


Hole #9 - Par 3 - Men's Yardage 146 yds. Ladies 110 yds.

Oh, what more could the golfer ask than to have a short, easy hole that gathers in all errant shots; funneling them to the hole like cows in the chute heading for the branding iron. And here it is, #9. The wind always blows from the four corners towards the green. There's no such thing as a miss here. The sand bunkers on the left and right -they're just decoration. The back of the green doubles as a ski slope in winter. Bounces and ricochets always favor the golfer. Right.

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